Overview of our Undergraduate Program in Mathematics

The K-State math faculty have a long history of mentoring and supporting undergraduate studies and research by undergraduate math majors who go on to internships, research experiences, high tech jobs, and graduate study in a wide variety of fields. Our award winning math faculty obtained their Ph.D.'s from some of the best Universities in the world, and they conduct cutting-edge mathematical research in many different areas. Our program has granted over 200 bachelor's degrees during the past 10 years. In recent years nearly half of our graduates went on to graduate school, one third went into high tech jobs, ten percent went into high school math teaching, and ten percent went into other jobs. K-State has been a very selective recommended mathematics program for more than twenty five years in Rugg's Recommendations on the Colleges. The Princeton Review has recognized Kansas State University as one of the Best Colleges and Best Value Colleges in the nation. The financial data and technology company SmartAsset found Kansas State University to be The Best Value College in Kansas.

Our students begin their undergraduate studies with courses in calculus and elementary differential equations followed by junior level courses in algebra, analysis, and statistics. Depending on their career interests, students may choose one of four concentrations which are distinguished by their upper level core courses, or students may design their own program. For students interested in the applications of mathematics in business, government, or industry, we offer an applied mathematics concentration which includes courses in applied matrix theory, discrete mathematics, digital image processing, mathematics of data and networks, numerical analysis, ordinary and partial differential equations, and dynamics, chaos, and fractals. For students interested in actuarial mathematics and the insurance profession, we offer an actuarial mathematics concentration which features courses in actuarial science, the theory of interest, and time series analysis as well as courses in applied matrix theory, statistics, economics, and finance. For students interested in graduate studies leading to an academic career or a job in business, government, or industry, we offer a pre-graduate concentration which features courses in linear algebra, number theory, complex analysis, real analysis, abstract algebra, and topology. For students interested in high school math teaching, we offer a mathematics teacher preparation concentration which includes the mathematics courses required for teacher licensure. Our program is very flexible, and many of our students are dual majors in mathematics and another field such as biology, chemistry, computer science, economics, education, engineering, finance, modern language, physics, or statistics.

The K-State I-Center fosters groups of undergraduate and graduate students, post-docs, and faculty jointly working on cutting-edge problems in applied mathematics, pure mathematics, and interdisciplinary areas. Such experience is pivotal for undergraduates to learn how to do creative research. With the support of the Brent Smith Memorial Endowment and the Evan Stewart Endowment, the I-Center awards grants to undergraduate students to fund research projects. The I-Center also runs a Modeling Seminar which introduces students to techniques and ideas from modeling and applied mathematics and helps prepare K-State teams for the international Mathematical Contest in Modeling.

Financial assistance is available in the form of mathematics grading positions, research and competition awards, and scholarships.

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