K-State Undergraduate Positions In Mathematics


Part-Time Job Openings


Mathematics Grading and Advanced Help Session Positions

Testimonials from past graders

Flexible hours

Great use of skills and review that helps you in courses you take

Seniors who decide to grade for us wish they would have graded sooner

Mathematics graders and advanced help session workers usually have scores at these levels or above: 33/33 ACT, 780/650 SAT or 110 on the AMC 12. All positions are for undergraduates only and enrollment in 6 hours is required to work for us. Also required are good references either academic or work related. Math grading and help positions usually require A work in the course you are grading or helping with. The Department will pre-screen applications for the best workers who meet our written qualifications for the positions and will contact references.

These positions do not require a major in mathematics, but do require a high proficiency in the level of mathematics used and good work ethics. K-State students are considered based on: their academic performance in all math courses taken at K-State; their overall academics; K-State faculty recommendations; and their scores in the Putnam and S.T. Parker Mathematical Competitions. Applicants will be screened using their academic records (including transcripts), application materials, and information obtained from their references. Applicants who do not have three work references may include educational references instead. Only those applicants who best meet our criteria will be interviewed or offered a position. Application forms are available in the bin outside 138 Cardwell Hall. High school students who are considering a grading position in mathematics should send their high school transcript and their AMC scores directly to the Mathematics Department at Kansas State University with a note that they are interested in a grading position in mathematics at K-State and would like to receive an application for employment.

Contact: ugmath@math.ksu.edu concerning getting a job as a grader or advanced help worker

Temporary Mock Student in the GTA Instructor Training Program

Requires attending scheduled mock classes and role playing students with questions using a script. Those working the last day of the schedule will need to use the Studio Algebra Script. This position is temporary and only for dates available. Contact 532-0557, ugmath@math.ksu.edu In July and August of each year to see if there are any openings. If there is an opening you will need to submit an application form

Office Worker Positions in Mathematics

We staff 7 student hourly office positions and try to fill these far in advance. If you are interested in general office assistant and receptionist positions please contact 532-0558 to see if there are any openings and check the on-line jobs page for an opening.

Self Employment Tutor List

We keep a self employment tutor list that is updated each semester with names of tutors, subjects they tuior in, phone and email address. A graduating senior said "I've been tutoring several friends" "to help them understand it. While doing so, it actually helped me to understand it better." With this self-employment position, you get to decide your own rate of pay and hours that you will work. The Math Department will advertise your position for you on a flyier outside the main math office and on the web at https://www.math.ksu.edu/courses/help/tutor-app.pdf To get on the tutor list you will need to fill out the tutor application form each semester.

Technical Office Worker Positions in Mathematics

If you are interested in detailed office work with computers, web pages, databases, spreadsheets, form letters, ad designs and filing contact 532-0557, ugmath@math.ksu.edu to see if there are any openings. If there is an opening you will need to submit an application form.

Application Procedure

Students seeking general employment should contact Career and Employment Services at Kansas State University for assistance; call 785-532-6508 to arrange an appointment or visit their web site at www.k-state.edu/ces/. Students wanting to apply for college work study should contact Student Financial Assistance; call 785-532-6420 or visit their web site at www.k-state.edu/sfa.

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